All time FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup Winners
FIFA World Cup Winners

All-time FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup is football World Cup which is started in 1930 and the first world cup was held in Uruguay. The first world cup was just only a tournament and had no qualifying round as only between the countries which were affiliated with FIFA invited for competition.

 FIFA World Cup past winners
FIFA World Cup past winners

Since 1930 total of 20 world cup has taken place and 8 different PastFifa world cup winners won the competition with a 5-time winning record made by Brazil. Uruguay and Argentina won it twice while Germany and Italy won 4 titles. Except for these countries England, France and Spain are the only countries who have won the world cup.

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Past winners of Football World Cup

  • In the first World Cup of 1930, Uruguay has won the title in which 13 teams were invited and has no qualification round.
  • In the world cup of 1934, 16 teams qualify through qualification round in which Italy won the world cup by defeating Czechoslovakia.
  • Total of 16 teams qualified in the 1938 world cup which was hosted by France and Italy won the match. The title of 1950 was gained by Uruguay which was hosted by Brazil and 13 teams were competed in this world cup after withdrawing of 3 teams.
  • In the next 1954’s world cup W. Germany was become the winner by defeating Hungry while in 1958 Brazil was won the title.
  • Again in the year, 1962 Brazil got the title of World cup by facing of Czechoslovakia. The world cup of 1966 was won by England while the attraction ofPast Fifa world cup winners of 1970 finals were Brazil who won 3rd time.
  • Germany won the world cup of 1974 for the second time. In 1978 Argentina becomes the winner of the world cup for the first time by defeating the Netherlands. While Italy won the next world cup in 1982.
  • The world cup of 1986 and 1990 was won by Argentina and W. Germany respectively. While Brazil gets the title of the world cup for the years 1994 and 2002. In 2006 and 2010 was won by the Italy and Spain respectively.
  • The last world cup title is won by Germany in 2014 in between 32 teams.

Most Successful FIFA World Cup Team was Brazil who has won for 5 times and Pele is the only player to have won three World Cups which is a unique record all these are Past Fifa world cup winners.


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