FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money – Price for World Cup Winner

fifa world cup prize money per player
fifa world cup prize money per player

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

fifa world cup prize money in rupees
fifa world cup prize money in rupees

As the officials have publically announced, the exact figures of prize money of FIFA world cup are out. So Price for World Cup Winner the total amount is of $791 million have been fixed as per to the newly revealed prize money pool. This money will be divided into different forms like payment to players’ insurance fee, clubs and many other expenses. FIFA will distribute $400 million to 32 participants as a reward according to their performance behalf. The winner of the FIFA world cup will grab $38 million.

check these stunning teams :

Russia starting lineup and a 23-man squad of for World Cup 2018 – Football 

Portugal starting lineup and 23-man squad of for World Cup 2018 – Football

23-men’s squad for Argentina World Cup Russia 2018 – Fifa World Cup 2018

England starting lineup and 23-men’s squad of World Cup 2018

Spain 23-Man World cup 2018 Squad and Possible Starting Line up

The total money which will be distributed to 32 teams this year is 40% more than the last FIFA World Cup. In the World Cup 2014, the total prize money was $564 million. This year $400 million out of $791 million will be given to the winner as a reward and the rest of the prize money will be distributed to the 32 different federations that will be taking part in the FIFA World Cup 2018 which is to be played in Russia. Out of the total prize money, $209 million will be used for the Club Benefit Program and $134 million will be used as insurance fee of the players of different clubs.

World Cup 2018 Winners Prize Money

The winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will get $400 as a reward of prize money. The teams that will finish on the first knock out round will get $12 million each and quarterfinals losing teams will get $16 million. The champion team will get $38 million, the third positioned team will get $28 million and the team at the 4th position will get $22 million.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money Breakdown

Preparation Fee for 32 qualified teams$1.5 million each$1 million each
Group Stage (16 eliminated teams)$8 million each$8 million each
Round of 16 (8 eliminated teams)$12 million each$9 million each
Quarterfinal (4 losing sides)$16 million each$14 million each
Fourth Place Team$22 million$18 million
Third Place Team$24 million$20 million
Runners-up$28 million$25 million
Winners$38 million$35 million
Player Insurance fee$134 million$100 million
player by player payments to parent clubs$209 million$170 million


FIFA World Cup Prize Money History

Prize money trend of FIFA World Cup is not new. If analyzed, the prize money of FIFA World Cup is hugecompared to the other worldwide sports events. In 2002, the total prize money of World Cup was only $154 million. In the next World Cup which was in 2006, the prize money was $262 million. But, in the World Cup 2010, the total prize money got doubled as compared to the 2006 World Cup. It reached to $420. Further, it reached to $564 million in the 2014 World Cup.

FIFA Revenue – Earning VS Expenses

During the World Cup of 2014, FIFA made $4.8 billion. The total expenses in that year’s world cup were $2.7 billion so FIFA got a profit of $2.1 billion.

FIFA gets a great profit and revenue from the world cup. It gets 85% of its expenses cost through World Cup only which is held after every four years. FIFA is dependent on World Cup revenue, but despite that FIFA is looking forward to increasing the prize money of the next 4 World Cups.

FIFA World Cup Revenue Module

FIFA earned a total revenue of $2.4 Billion during the 2014 world cup. Tickets generated the sales around $550 million and $1.5 billion came from commercial assets and sponsorship. The total cost of that year’s world cup was $576 million in terms of prize money, insurance fee and other technical projects. The revenue is going to create a record for the federation as this time, it is way more than the cost.

2014 FIFA World Cup Revenue (USD Million)

Revenue 2011-20144,826
Tv rights2,428
Marketing Rights1,580
Hospitality Rights184


Expenses 2011-20142,224
Contribution to the Local Organizing Committee453
TV Production370
Prize Money358
Ticketing, IT Solutions & Hospitality157
2014 FIFA World Cup Legacy Fund100
Benefits of Clubs70
Preparation Cost Payments to Participating member Associations48
Marketing Costs46
Team Lodging and Travel42
Legal & Financial Matters36
Preliminary Competition20
FIFA Fan Rest18
Refereeing Matters14



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